Chuck has done repair work for me on a Shay, and a couple of other engines. I have referred him to a number of associates, all of which were very pleased with quality, pricing and timeliness. So glad I have found him again since Mizels closed!

Don B
Cerritos, CA

Chuck has helped me enjoy the toy train hobby for well over 30 years. Chuck cares about your trains. If you’re looking for a train repair professional, Chuck has the knowledge and experience and he can provide you tips for your own repairs. Anything from getting “the right screw” to a full repair and specialized parts –go visit Chuck. Thanks Chuck!
John H
Broomfield, CO

I bought a couple of MTH diesels at very attractive prices, but they were equipped with PS-1. Chuck put PS-2 kits in them and they have both been reliable and strong runners. When some of my fancier engines break down, I can always rely on those two to run. All my shop jobs go to Chuck.
Tom C
Amarillo, Texas

I have been taking my Lionel and MTH trains in need of repair or upgrade to Chuck for the past 16 years. He always gets the job done quickly and professionally. I am so glad that he has opened his own repair business – I don’t know what I would do if he disappeared along with Mizell Trains!

Highlands Ranch, CO

I have an extensive collection of prewar trains of all manufacturers – Lionel, Flyer, Hoge, IVES, Bing, et. al. No matter what make, no matter what the problem, I can count on Chuck to get them running like the day they were made.

Barry B
Arvada, CO

Chuck has repaired trains for me for fifteen years and installed PS-S in locos. I have been very satisfied. You will too!

Gene N
Denver, CO

I do not personally know Chuck but ordered a few items from him and he sent them to me directly before I even sent a check! He answered all emails promptly and shipping was very reasonable.  I would definitely recommend Chuck to anyone.

Dave L
State College, PA

I have going to Chuck to repair my trains for years, he is the only one I trust to take care of my them. I have learned so much about trains from Chuck, I’m glad he has a new home.

Dave B
Castle Rock, CO

I would go to the end of the Earth to find Chuck and have him repair my trains, both post-war and modern era. He is so knowledgable and resourceful that I cannot imagine anyone else working on my trains.

Thanks Chuck for keeping the hobby running and best wishes to you in your new endeavor!

Bob S
Highlands Ranch, CO

I have been dealing with Chuck for several years now. He has repaired things for me and I have bought many items from him. He always has the parts that you cannot find elsewhere along with extensive knowledge that is priceless. It is tough to find repairmen like Chuck who can, and will, fix anything and at very fair prices. A one stop shop.

Chuck is always willing to help others.

Rod R
Pfafftown, NC

I met Chuck Sartor almost 40 years ago when he worked for Downtown Hobbies in Denver.  I was delighted when he came to Mizell Trains.  He has been my “go to guy” for train repair, restoration and parts, and my “Do It Yourself Undoer” when my efforts failed.

Chuck is courteous and helpful, patient and honest.  He has an extensive knowledge of model trains and does excellent restoration, maintenance and repair work.  A recent example:.

Our daughter got a Lionel No. 8650 U36B as a kid.  Her husband and their 5-year old son are building a basement layout and it seemed a good time to get her U36B ready to run when their layout was done..

When Chuck set her repaired 30-year old diesel on the counter it looked brand new!  “Wow” she said..

If you know Chuck Sartor you know what I am talking about.  If you don’t know him and are in need, give him a try.  I’m confident you will be pleased..

Kent Q
Lakewood, CO


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